Purpose of sunday school

So, as a congregation we must reclaim this important basic fact. So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.

There is a time commitment involved in teaching. It intends to imbibe in the minds of the people, the principles and philosophies stated in the Bible.

The Sunday school teaching aims at instilling in the minds of the students, faith in God and teaching them the principles, which Christ adhered to.

Sunday School is the reaching, teaching, winning and caring arm of the Church. Some churches have strong teaching Sunday Schools with a deep commitment to Bible mastery, but they have no outreach.

Since evangelism is giving out the gospel, reaching is basically preevangelism, for it gets people to listen to the gospel. Check new design of our homepage! McKay's tenure ended in The Sunday School has that golden opportunity to fulfill the Great Commission. InHugh W.

When a congregation intentionally focuses on these aims the result is health and growth. This was not a glorified position.

If any of these are neglected the result is struggle and eventual decline. They aim at bringing about a spiritual growth of their students.

One must not ignore the fact that Sunday schools give the society an opportunity to be a part of the mission of Christianity to establish equality, peace and harmony in society.

Sunday School (LDS Church)

This fourfold nature of Sunday School is perhaps best expressed in an Old Testament verse that has often been used in the historic Sunday School conventions. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. The Sunday school teaching aims at instilling in the minds of the students, faith in God and teaching them the principles, which Christ adhered to.

The Sunday School is an open door for us to:Young appointed Cannon as the first general superintendent of the Sunday School, a position he would hold until his death in Inthe Sunday School.

Sunday School is not an agency separate or apart from the Church but is, perhaps, the best-structured agency in the local church for carrying out most effectively the teaching ministry of Christ.

This Elmer Towns: The 4 Purposes of Sunday School. By. Josh Hunt - January 4, Sunday school has the opportunity to reach the people—the lost as well as the save.

What is the Purpose of a Sunday School?

What is the purpose of Sunday School? The Sunday School has that. Feb 24,  · Sunday School Defined. 1. Sunday School is a place and time where God's children learn they are loved by God and the people of God through the warm fellowship, and inviting and creative study of the Bible.

2. Sunday School is the place where we teach Bible stories to student in such memorable and positive ways that they become life-long lessons unfolding their meaning as the 5/5(47). As a Sunday School teacher, you need to recognize that you are part of a local church which God has ordained.

God, who is head over the church, has gifted pastor-teachers to teach the Word in order to equip the saints so that they would do the work of the ministry in local churches.

Poll: What Is The Purpose Of Sunday School? Posted on May 21, by Tony Kummer L ast week, I asked you to help me design a poll about the purpose of Sunday school.

Purpose of sunday school
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