Multi agency working with children with learning difficulties

Threats may have been made against family members or friends making the child or young person feel guilty about exposing others to risk of harm.

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If the sexual activity includes penetration [2] then the offence is rape otherwise it is likely to be an assault.

Their family history, including experiences of being parented. Children of parents with learning disabilities are at increased risk from Multi agency working with children with learning difficulties learning disability and more vulnerable to psychiatric disorders and behavioural problems.

No-one below the age of 16 can consent to engage in sexual activity with another person. They determined predictors of optimal transition and conducted qualitative interviews with a subsample of service users, their carers and clinicians on how transition was experienced.

The quality of their relationship with the child or young person. Managing money Young people with intellectual disabilities may not have had any experience of managing their own money. In online grooming befriending does not necessarily mean a sequence of real befriending contacts as the individual grooming the child or young person may impersonate a different contact at each stage.

Local agencies will have been expected to introduce person-centred planning by the year to aid in gaining a lifelong perspective so that transitions can be less traumatic for people with intellectual disabilities There is now a statutory requirement in England and Wales to plan properly for transition originally set out in The Learning and Skills Act now contained in the Education and Skills Act section which required Connexions Services to undertake an assessment of any young person with learning difficulties and disabilities in the final year of compulsory schooling or when leaving sixth form provision.

However a minority of cases may not be identified by the usual means. Below management level, opportunities have existed for staff to come together, though with varying degrees of success.

For further information about the interface between family and criminal proceedings, see Law Society Related Family and Criminal Proceedings: It consisted of a questionnaire of families and in depth interviews of 27 young people and 27 parent carers in England.

For further material relating to grooming both on an offline visit the Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation website at: When a learning disability is suspected, practitioners should use the initial screening questions outlined in flowchart 1 overleaf Referral to Learning Disability Team and Specialist Learning Disability Services.

As such, there was no evidence of changes in practice resulting from services signing up to the Campus principles. In all cases of peer on peer exploitation, a power imbalance will still inform the relationship, but this might not necessarily be through an age gap between the abuser and the abused.

Take into account that children often become dirty and smelly during the course of the day. This person will be having some form of a sexual relationship with the young person.

This should include monitoring the service delivered to victims of domestic abuse with the development of SLAs or joint action plans. Such parties offer substances and alcohol to young people, and may involve webcams to record and stream sexual acts. This document includes information about gaining consent from victims, sharing information when consent is refused, and suggested components of information-sharing protocols.


PACE aims to enable and promote the role of parents and carers in safeguarding children being sexually exploited; disrupt and bring perpetrators to justice, and reflect the active safeguarding role of parents and the impact on families of child sexual exploitation.

Grooming is often analysed into four stages: Clearly transition continues to be a problematic area both from the service provider and service users' perspectives. According to the code of practice, health professionals involved in the care of a young person have several responsibilities at the time of the young person's transition including: Examples of the risks that are an inherent part of daily living include many things from shaving to travelling alone on public transport.

The Data Protection Act the processing of personal information.

Prevent duty guidance

However, there are significant correlations between these sorts and sites and the parallel economic activities that are often found at them and CSE. Exploitation of this sort may entail exchanging access to different children and young people.

This project describes the findings of a two-year study of the Coram Community Campus, aimed not so much at assessing the effectiveness of multi-agency working, but rather exploring how it can happen and the difficulties it must address. There are some videos to help parents and carers to think through the difficulties of disclosure and the importance of passing concerns to the appropriate authorities and links to other sources of support and advice.

Connexions (agency)

Unborn babies or infants under one year old; Toddlers; Children with a disability or special educational needs; Children in a caring role; Children experiencing domestic violence; Parents with a history of violence or sexual abuse.

Possession of items that give cause of concern without plausible explanation. For this reason, the vulnerabilities check list only provides an indication of the sorts of things that can make a child or young person vulnerable.

Whilst each case is considered in its own merits there are some principles governing decisions to charge and prosecute in these circumstances.Rate My Teaching Agency.

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Evidence-based recommendations on the identification, assessment and treatment of attachment difficulties in children and young people aged up to multi-agency working: a detailed study Mary Atkinson Anne Wilkin Alison Stott Paul Doherty and outcomes for children and families and multi-agency working.

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iii EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Whilst some aims were common to all multi-agency activity, some difficulties in these areas in the early stages were also reported.

The Counter-Terrorism and Security Act contains a duty on specified authorities to have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism. This is also know as the. Helping child serving organizations and entities achieve better outcomes for children.

In education, response to intervention (commonly abbreviated RTI or RtI) is an approach to academic intervention used in the United States to provide early, systematic, and appropriately intensive assistance to children who are at risk for or already underperforming as compared to appropriate grade- or age-level seeks to promote academic success through universal screening, early.

Multi agency working with children with learning difficulties
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