Does personal independence exist in todays world

One of the greatest and most visible achievements of the United Nations has been to pursue the decolonization of the colonized world. Once we identify this critical point and underlying vulnerability, then we can clearly see a way that all the really difficult and major problems of this World do indeed unravel into tractable ones that yield to perfectly feasible solutions.

How does the declaration of independence affect us today?

The modern economic system is one where the rich tend to become even richer and further consolidate and extend their economic power through the exercising of political power.

Continuing our description of our four dominoes corresponding to the four problem categories, our second domino represents the problems of this World to do with Ideology and Belief, which includes the problems of Religion, Morality, Psychology and Human Behaviour.

And this process has continued to form even larger Social, Economic and Political entities where people live together in relative harmony. What choices do I need to make to get there?

Are your goals compatible? If we take the time, we can free ourselves from some of them, but not all, and certainly not all the time.

An idea that lies at the heart of all World religion and enables their unification as discussed in the Chapter 1. This relates to the issues surrounding the process of Secularization and the reaction of Religion in the face of the rise of Scientific Rationalism, i. Which is a great thing because this would bypass and negate a great way to create a Global One World Tyranny.

I would want to be able to make my own choices, in accord to the knowledge i possess. So we shall now examine each of these problem categories in more detail. The sheer amount of ways humans and our environment are being poisoned is staggering.

Apart from leading to Existential Nihilism which is the view that life as without meaning, purpose, or intrinsic value. Our right to liberty guarantees freedom from political coercion.

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No territory has achieved self-government since East Timor now Timor-Leste won full independence from Indonesia in For example this could include Population control measures, encouraging energy efficiency, introducing legislation to limit pollution and to safe guard natural habitats such as rain forests, Also with political will is so distracted with tackling Global terrorism and when so much material resource is diverted to armaments then this necessarily diverts away from efforts to save the planet.

Being independent is to be free; to be able to make choices without the intervention of any person, organization or government.

What Does Independence Mean to You?

However, the plus years since the founding of the United Nations have proved to be insufficient to eradicate a centuries-old structure of dominance.Independence, it’s defined in the dictionary as “not influenced, guided or determined by others”. This definition describes very few people, male or female who are alive today.

At some point in every person’s life he or she became dependent on someone or something. Jul 04,  · Just A Few Important Words About The Declaration Of Independence: The Two-Way Along with the words and phrases that still ring out years later are less noticed turns of phrase.

They say a lot about the messages Thomas Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers wanted to send.

Women are better off today, but still far from being equal with men

While many people may argue over the validity and importance of The Declaration of Independence most people would have to agree that without the civic creed summarized in the opening of the Declaration, the United States would not exist as a free country.

Independence is to know how your mind controls you and takes all the good things for granted making you focus on stuff you are missing in your life rather than the great stuff you already have like eyes, limbs, air, food, family & friends.

Many young adults in the world are going into debt to get an education, only to find the cost of school is greater than they can repay.

Why the Declaration of Independence Matters

Seek out scholarships and grants. Obtain part-time employment, if possible, to help pay your own way. Other modern-day examples of prejudice include assumptions that men are more adventurous than women, women are more emotional than men, and gay men are effeminate.

Prejudice can be seen in discriminatory actions, such as wealthy-looking people receiving better service in stores, women losing out to men for promotions and .

Does personal independence exist in todays world
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